Friday, March 1, 2013

Can I get a “do over”? ~

Hi there, bloggy friends!  How are you all?  I’m super excited to have the next two weeks off!  I have nothing planned except getting some publication submissions finished and submitted.  Oh, and I’m starting a little kids photography experiment, so we’ll see how that works out. 

So, I’m curious…how many times do you make a card you’re not too happy with and rip it apart to make a new one??  Me?  Kind of a lot.  I tend to use challenges as my jumping post, and I’ll get it in just to make the deadline.  I’m going to show you two today that I had to “do over”.

JUGS77The first is one is from my guest designer stint for JUGS.  We were to make a zipper flower.  That trend came and went quickly, didn't it??

You can find the original post here.  I was never fully in love with the flower, but it was fun to challenge myself and do something new.  Unfortunately, due to my inability to thread a needle, I chose to use Scor-tape to make the flower…it didn’t hold.

Instead of trying to make the zipper flower over, I chucked it and saved the base.  After a whole year, I needed a birthday card for my lovely sister-in-law.

I used the Bloom Builders 3 die from Papertrey Ink in Autumn Rose.  I think this version is better because the turquoise was a little too bright for the vintage-ish color scheme. 


What do you think?  Better?  I’m still on the fence about it.  I think maybe I should’ve used a different blue, like ocean tides.  Oh well!  She loved it Winking smile




pti hop julyOk, so here’s the second card.  I initially made this for the PTI blog hop last July.  I loved the background and stamping those gorgeous roses, but I always hated the layout.  It needed something to set the roses apart from the background.  Then Gayatri came up with the perfect card – it’s like she plucked it right out of my brain!  I guess great minds think alike!  LOL

I didn’t want to re-stamp that background, so I carefully pried off the band holding all the roses.  It did rip in a couple of places, so I had to keep the focal point in the bottom third of the card.


wanda bday 2013

I used the scripty font from Delightful Dahlias because it tied in so well with the script background text.  This was sent to my MIL for her birthday this year…and I think it was even on time!! 

So, do you “do over” your cards, or do you hand them off to people you think will appreciate them/not care that much?  I’m curious…       Thanks so much for stopping by!




Taheerah said...

Both of your do-overs turned out so great! Definitely prefer the second versions of both of them - that second card in particular, wow!!

I hardly ever ever redo a card. My neon 'I {<3} U' has been pretty much one of the only exceptions. I make up for that statistic though by completely obsessing over every minute detail when I make the original though, lol!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

I'd like to do last night over... I would have made healthier choices. Both your do overs are gorgeous! I really have to get The Sweet Life stamp set!
I love the do over concept--You should do this as an ongoing series. said...

What great makeovers. I agree with Leigh Ann - this would make a great challenge blog idea ;>)
As for giving 'em to people...depends how last minute I am making the card for the bday etc.!!!

Chris said...

both your remakes are fabulous!! i usually stick mine in a card guts basket and wait for a lightbulb to fix