Friday, February 1, 2013

Just for the Blog of It #2 ~

Hola!  My friend, Wida, and I decided to challenge each other with inspiration pics and come up with cards.  You can see the first one here (we called it Pint of Interest waaaaaayyy back then).  For the second one, she came up with the clever title, Just for the Blog of It.  Then the little man got sick, then the big mama (my mom), then the little mama (me), then we got company, then the big man (hubby) got sick, then the company got sick :(   Then we all got sick again!  Stomach flu is lame.  Head colds are lame.  Company is fabulous!  So, I didn’t get to play along with the first Just for the Blog of It, and Wida threw me under the bus!  She so didn’t have any sympathy and still has not let up on me about it.  lol
About 2 weeks ago, a few of us Colorado bloggers met at a local-ish Archivers.  It was soooooooooo cool to meet all these *computer* friends in the flesh.  Everyone was working on different projects – I chose to work on coloring.  Long story short, I gave the image I colored to Wida and a few days later, she suggested we both make a card with it.  Well, I decided to one up her and make 2 cards for this challenge!  Beat that Wida Wida!
The first is a technique that I’ve been wanting to try and putting off.  A clean and simple colored card with a color I rarely use…white!  If I stamp or emboss anything, it’s usually black or clear embossed.  For this, I chose to emboss white on white.  It is so very beautiful up close and a little *eh* from a distance.
jftboi feb1 org
  These poppies are from Crafty Secrets.  The patterned paper is from My Mind’s Eye.  I used the Stitched Rectangles from Lil’ Inker Designs around the front – don’t look too close!  I mussed it up by running it through twice, which also made the washi tape used to hold the two pieces together stick too much and tear the patterned paper – hence the extra orange banner flag.  The sentiment is also on a banner flag that is stitched from Lil’ Inker Designs.  And a close up of the coloring to show you how much better it is up close
jftboi feb1 org d
My only problem with this technique…or maybe this image…is that I’m too impatient to color around the embossing.  Just imagine if all those little lines were truly white!  I still love it though :)  I’m going to enter these in the Simon Says Stamp challenge – Anything Goes.
On to the second card…I have to begin by telling you that I embossed it on Kraft with Versafine Onyx Black with detail clear embossing powder.  After that, I bleached out the flowers and leaves.  Here’s a little look at before/during/after.  Sorry about the discrepancy between the colors of kraft in the pictures.  I truly tried my best to get them to match!  argh
               bleach1        bleach2
The point of these is to show you just how very much bleaching makes the image *POP*.  Here’s the card
jftboi feb1
Colored in the true reds of poppies used as a symbol of remembrance for a sympathy card.  I’m not super happy with the layout, so this may get changed.  And a little detail shot of the coloring
jftboi feb1 d
I’ve found that using a dark red violet for the deepest shading really packs a punch.  I'm adding this one into the Oozak challenge: favorite colors.  My favorite color for the longest time was orange, but it has slowly switched over to red.  Red and black are predominant in my wardrobe, in my nail polish, in my Copics - you name it!  Ok, I think I’ve rambled on long enough!  ha  Head on over to Beachorado and the fabulous Wida to see what she did!  Thanks so much for stopping by!



Wida said...

I have to retitle mine, I have it as #3 but you are right, it's #2! and speaking of 2, sheesh! you made 2 fab cards! so you got me there. I like that they have 2 separate looks/vibes on these which I loved how you took the same stamp and gave them completely different moods. And OF COURSE, the coloring is gorgeous! I am not sure which I like better, probably the first one because it's more my color palate and has an edgy vibe that I love. this was so fun, and so was meeting you!

MS said...

gorgeous! Love your coloring! I have zero patience to color like that!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Both are real stunners! That first card...I'm in love with it and will be caseing it at some point. The second one is just as gorgeous and so elegant!

Julie said...

Just stopped over from Wida's blog to check out your card(s). These are beautiful! Your coloring is amazing! Love them both. I am a bit jealous of all you Colorado bloggers hanging out at the Archivers. Sounds like a lot of fun. glad you made 2 cards since Wida threw you under the bus last time - LOL. You ladies crack me up! Fabulous cards and gorgeous coloring Alyssa.

Michelle said...

Alyssa, these cards are beautiful! Thw white on white embossing is a great look. The red and black card is stunning! I quite like the look of the "nude" bleached kraft image before colouring also!

Chris said...

love these cards but the first one is my fave, in fact i am casing it for shelter cards! if you don't mind.

i am totally jealous of your little get together. i hate living here. put it on your list of things that are lame!!

cheiron said...

Gorgeous coloring! Thanks for playing along with the Anything Goes Challenge over at Simon Says Stamp Challenge Blog this week!

Anonymous said...

Lovely work! Both cards are so impressive!!! I'm really liking the bleaching technique. I've yet to try it because I'm scared of how bad it might smell. But with the way your card lloks I'm almost ready to throw my fears aside.

Crafty Cath said...

WOW Alyssa those poppies are gorgeous! What a beautiful sympathy card. So glad you played along with the February Oozak color challenge! Hope to see you next month.

Cath Oozak DT