Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shutterfly Holiday Cards and a giveaway! ~

Some of you may have been around last year to remember when I did this post about holiday cards from Shutterfly.  Well, the time of year has come again to make my Christmas card list (and check it twice!) lol  Being a crafter, I feel the need to make everyone a hand made card.   But…then I hem and haw about who will appreciate what more and who will think it’s cute and then throw it away.  :o)  Welcome Shutterfly to the rescue!!
Shutterfly has some amazing designs for every style out there.  I seem to vacillate between styles depending on my mood – we all do, I guess.  I really like the clean lines of the Berry Merry Frame card and the With Love card is still a favorite – it’s what I used last year. 
I adore doing collage cards while the kids are still growing and changing so much.  This Keep Believing collage card is super cute!  Oh and I go nutty for snowmen, so this Snowman Memories may be a contender for this year!  Oh no!  I think I just found the card I want to do, simple and classic – Classic Mistletoe Frame.  See what I mean?  So many great styles!  Aack!  How will I ever choose?!?
I always order the flat postcard style; that way I can slip one in with the cards I’ve already made.  Plus, if I run out of time to make cards for people, I can easily mail those I have on hand without having to worry about writing a personal sentiment inside a folded card.  Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?  ;o)  Shutterfly also makes these fantastic photo books – almost like scrapbooking without having to ponder how to put all the pages together.  Such a great gift for the grandparents that live far away!
Now for the fun part!  I’ll be giving away 3 sets of 25 holiday cards to random commenters.  You have until next Saturday, November 5, at midnight mountain time to comment.  I’ll update with a post and the winners sometime on Sunday!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a super week!  :o) lyss


Janet said...

I'd love to be the lucky winner. I've always meant to pop by Shutterfly and check them out, but haven't. Thanks for the reminder.

Amanda Profumo said...

Hehehe... I am the same way you are! Craft some handmade cards and decide, "hmm... who will actually notice the blood, sweat and tears that went into this?" :) I usually get some flat photo cards as well and Shutterfly designs are ALWAYS my fave! Thanks for the chance to win!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...


And thanks for the chance to win--even though I make custom cards...I do not send holiday cards! LOL! <3 sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com said...

Oooo, loved my cards last year!!!
BTW, you need to move to CT...we are camping again...on day 5 of no power :>( Day 6 starts at 4 pm today!
Oh and I made out okay camping in Florida. No animals entered our hotel :>)