Monday, October 17, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints ~

Hey all!  I have a different sort of post for you today…I was recently asked to review a canvas from the company Easy Canvas Prints.  While on vacation, I made the family take pictures at one of the photo studios in town – in the Old West style.  So fun!  We got *swindled* into buying the entire CD of photos instead of just one or two prints at the shop.  Let me tell you, I am so glad I did!  Upon return, I had the perfect photo to turn into a canvas.

To start the entire process, I chose a canvas size – they come in a variety beginning at 8x10 and continuing on, even to the choose your own option.  I didn’t want it to be too domineering, so I stuck with the 8x10 option.  Then you upload your photo – choose a higher resolution to not lose too much definition.  The third step is to choose how the borders of your photo will appear.  (I chose a mirror image.)  Finally, you are able to add edits if you wish.  I had already changed my to sepia tone along with some other edits; however, you can change the color/exposure of your photo for a minimal fee.

easy print1

Here we are in all our Tombstone-like glory!  lol  After receiving our canvas, my husband mentioned how cool it would look inside a weathered wood frame.  Off I ran to Hobby Lobby and picked one up.  Love it - the perfect touch!  Turns out that I didn’t need to choose a border or wrap around on the canvas.  Oh well, now it’s good to go without a frame too.  Note – this is not where our photo resides, but I couldn’t get a good photo of it anywhere, so this is the boring wall it ended up on! lol

With the holidays well on their way, I can see ordering a couple of these or some of the other pics from our photo shoot for the grandparents.  Easy Canvas Prints makes it super easy right now too!  25% off all size prints and free standard shipping!  In the future for the smaller canvas sizes, I will stick to pictures with less detail.  I can only imagine some of the macro floral photos that I adore in this type of print!  {swoon!} 

Thank you Easy Canvas Prints for asking me to review your phenomenal product!  The shipping was super quick, packed very well and the quality is fantabulous!!  Thanks so much for bopping on by!!  :) lyss


Carrie said...

This is super cute!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Love this! Elizabeth and Derrick had a picture like this taken when we went to the mountains. Natalie and I were off mining for gemstones so we didn't get in the picture.