Thursday, May 26, 2011

CSAYL: Die Cuts ~

It's time for another Christmas Stampin' All Year Long  challenge!  Our challenge this week is to use a die cut as your focal image.
WARNING: I'm about to ramble on for a moment, so you may want to skip down a ways till you see a picture.  I swear, these weeks go by so very quickly!  I get less and less crafty time it seems!  The process of moving my goodies back over to my house is not progressing very quickly!  lol  On Sunday, I spent the entire day weeding, mowing, planting my garden and moving my son's and step-daughter's rooms.  I was working non-stop from 9:30am to 10pm!  So much for a day off!  I've moved a ton of fun things over here but have yet to organize things...Wednesday is supposed to be my one crafty day a week - where I accomplish all I've been brainstorming since the previous Wednesday!  lol   Let me take you through Tuesday first - I went to work for my 12 hour day knowing that my District and Regional managers were to visit my store on my day off!  Ugh...seriously?!?  Whatever, I'll just get everything I can done and hope that I can answer questions later!  I manage a small retail store in a dying mall, so the budget is small for the types of things I need (like a door dinger).  Anyway, I put off the things I needed to do in the back of the store till later in the evening when I should be slow; however, I had to re-do all of the posters that need to be put up for all those regulations, etc.  The only place to put these posters up is in our little bathroom (yuk!) where the light and fan are connected - hence you can't hear if anyone comes in the store!  Needless to say, a 20 minute project took more like an hour and a half and had me rattlesnake pissy...once I finally got all finished and was able to close the gate, it was already 20 minutes past closing time.  I quickly counted the drawer and got all ready to head out with my boxes and bags of trash.  I suddenly realized I couldn't find my work keys!!!  Another 30 minutes of looking for my keys (to no avail), I finally decided to leave work at 10pm.  By the time I got home, I was angry at myself and stressed about losing my keys, I was ready to pick a fight!  Then my husband hits me with this bomb.................
You have an appointment tomorrow at 1:30 to finish your sleeve!!  OMG!!!  I've been wanting to do this for so long, but I'm so angry at myself I have a hard time getting excited.  Anyhow....I ended up having to go to work in the morning to find my keys (which I did!), then drive back home (30 miles) to pick up the family and drive back to town to go get tattooed (another 30 miles!)...5+ hours and a bottle of Crown later, my half sleeve is done (and beautiful!!) and I realize I still have a CSAYL card to make!!  LOL  With that all being said, I wish I'd brought you something nicer this week and yet, I like the simplicity and mass productivity possibility of it...
The card base is stamped with PTI's Background Basics: Diamonds in Vintage Cream ink with the edges sponged in the same ink.  A simple mat with Ocean Tides and Rustic Cream stamped with Joy from Verve's Glad Tidings forms the base for a Vintage Ornament tied with Rustic Cream twine and cut from a retired dp of Stampin' Ups!  Easy Peasy! 
Thanks so much for stopping by (and reading my ramblings, if you did!)  Hope you have a super weekend!  :o) lyss


Leigh Ann Baird said...

I love the card and think simple and elegant is perfect for mass producing (or not).

At least you got something good out of all that frustration. Your upper sleeve looks fantastic! Your arm is a moving piece of art.

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

This is beautiful Alyssa! I love the CAS or simply elegant style!!!

Have a great weekend!!

thescrapmaster said...

Absolutely lovely. I love the colors you chose, non-traditional Xmas colors are my faves!!

BethieJ said...

Alyssa this is FABULOUS! That was some story!! Glad you found your keys!!
Have a GREAT day!

Kerri said...

I think it's beautiful and CAS perfection! I want to see your arm!!!