Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The person under the stairs...

See this mess??? This is why I am not doing anything right now. Clutter seems to be in every area of my being and every area of my house, if you listen to my DH that is! I can't find anything, I can't find any space to do anything. And I can't seem to clear the cobwebs away from my mojo to be able to create anything! Perhaps, once I clear the clutter, my mojo will jump out from it's hiding place and smack me right in the forehead. Ha! One can only hope, right?? LOL :o) In my defense, my space is small. It is literally the closet under the stairs! My light burned out, so I am having to use that gigantic flashlight of my husband's. And my poor little pumpkin has his first all out cold, so he's feeling pretty puny and glassy eyed and snuggley for some momma comfort.

Anyway, I really just wanted to post an excuse! :o) I also wanted to enable you all to take a look at a lovely lady's blog. Rach does some amazing work and is offering up some fantabulous blog candy. So pop on over and give her a hello! Hope you all have a wonderful day!! :o) lyss

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