Sunday, November 3, 2013

Addy’s Birthday ~

My son has a girlfriend…at the ripe old age of 6!  They went to preschool together for 2 years and are now in kindergarten at different schools, and they both still carry a torch for each other.  It’s really pretty sweet.  One day picking Z up from preschool last year, he told me, “Mama, just so you know, you’re going to be a grandma.”  Ummm, excuse me?  “Yeah, Addy and I talked about it and we’re going to get married and have babies and stuff.  We talked about it today.”  He was 4.  After seeing them at her birthday party a couple weeks ago, her mom and I have decided that we are definitely in trouble!

I realized the morning of her party that I was a week behind and needed her card today!  At noon!  So I went super simple with the layout and chose a really cute Saturated Canary image to color called Ellie’s Birthday

addy bday

I colored her all up with Copics, put a couple different birthday sentiments together and cut her out with my favorite Lil’ Inker Designs Stitched Rectangle die.  I thought she needed just a teensy bit of something more, so I added the natural twine and fun berry sorbet button.  The arrow on her shirt didn’t have enough shading for my liking (why are yellows so hard for me??), so I colored over it with a sparkly Atyou pen.  Really pretty IRL.  Her party hat also has a little dab of white fluff on the top.  I had Zane decorate the inside.  He needs serious work with writing, but he fights me tooth and nail on it, so I’m figuring he’ll just get there when he’s ready.  We’ll keep fighting for it though!  lol

addy bday inside


I asked him to write her name and his.  You can see that he kind of jacked that up, but whatever.  It’s cute. 

For his birthday, a friend had drawn some stick figures of himself and Z inside the card he gave Z.  He stared at that card for like 5 minutes straight after we got home from his party.  I suggested that maybe Addy would like a picture drawn by him, so he drew two stick figures hugging.  His idea entirely!  Isn’t that just the sweetest?!

One last little story and I’ll let you go.  Addy got a diary for her birthday.  She’s obviously more advanced in her writing skills.  :)  Her first entry??

ilovezane  and a pic of the lovebirds zanda

Have a fantastic day friends!  Thanks so much for stopping by!




Michelle said...

Alyssa, that is the cutest story. My six year old daughter also has a fiancé with grand wedding and baby plans! I bet Addy loved her card, it's so sweet. :-)

Christi Conley said...

Oh My Gosh!! Could they be cuter?!? Awesome card & make sure you invite me to the wedding :)

Ceal said...

too cute!

Annette Allen said...

aww what a sweet post.. heehee..

love your card.. your coloring is amazing..

Leigh Ann Baird said...

There's still hope he will end up with Natalie. ha ha Your card is adorable...perfection!

Maroeska said...

Hi there! Like to let you know that I think your cards are very pretty and fun. I really like the way you sometimes make a small or simple idea into something great and fabulous. Keep on going!