Friday, January 4, 2013

Picking Favorites ~

Hey there!  Been a bit quiet here, I know.  I keep saying it over and over.  I may have to take a true bloggy break this year because I just don’t know the direction I want to go with my crafty life.  But since I don’t have an answer, we’ll just not talk about it Winking smile  I figured I should pop on here and wish everyone a happy 2013!  So strange how fast these years pass.  I’ve seen lots of people picking their words to focus on for the year or posting non-resolution type resolutions.  My goals for this year will continue from last:

1. Keep working out with the hubster.  This old body ain’t getting any younger, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep the pounds off.  We enjoy working out together, and I feel better when we wake up and get to it.

2. Get more than one crafty creation published in a single publication.  I’ve been lucky enough to be published a few times and even get the cover once.  (I’d love that cover spot again! lol)  I really, really want to have 2+ in one magazine.  This will involve me submitting to more than just Paper Crafts Magazine this year.  Seems I’ve hit a bit of a dry spell with them anyway.

3. Work on my time management.  I waste way too much time!!  I put off dusting or meal prep or making a card even by playing just one more game (I’m horribly addicted to time sucking computer games) or clearing out my Google reader.  I run around in a frenzy after I finally get down to the wire.  So if you have any tips, they are welcome here!!

I think those are manageable – gotta keep it simple!  One of my favorite posts of the end of the year/new year/whenever I get around to it is the top “insert number here.”  I usually try to pick one from each month, but I just decided to pick my faves since my posting was so very sporadic. 

sfytt jan12 tps

Love this sweet little Tickled Pink stamp!  Original post here

The first time I added light shading to a solid stamped image – love it!  Original post here

mom bday 2012

Mom’s Birthday card.  Had fun doodling a border around the image.  Original post here

My favorite Kraftin’ Kimmie girl, Drucilla, she’s still hanging in my craft cave, so I guess I really am stuck with her!  Original post here

Keeping life simple, I made this card for my dad and dad-on-law.  Original post here

Dad’s day for my mom to give my dad.  Loved this one so much I CASEd myself and made a birthday card for my dad-in-law with a different sentiment and more fall colored leaves.  Original post here

cas friday black

Love these monarchs!  Fun and easy to color.  Original post here

lovely layers sarrah

I love this card!  I think the only thing I’d do differently is to make the focal mat smaller.  Original post here

8x8 scrap page for my little man.  I was totally intimidated with coloring camo and was super happy with how it turned out.  Original post here

Last, but not least is a card I never put on here.  It was my last acceptance for publication this year.  This card came out of my head exactly how I envisioned it – love when that happens!

sub pub magnolia happy holiday

Published in Paper Crafts Magazine Holiday Cards & More, Volume 7

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me!  Here’s to a new year and lots of crafty fun! :o) lyss


Cristin Fransen said...

Happy New Year, pretty mama! Love the 1st card!! Might just be my all time fav :) Also, love your goals! We are enjoying a fabulously sunny and warm day here - two things that do not generally go together in this town in OR! Guess what else, I dropped my cell phone in an outhouse toilet a couple hours ago while kids played at park - really?? Nice joke on me, huh! Well, thinking of you. Like your goals! Hugs to you and your fam! btw...we didn't do a Christmas card this year, but loved getting yours! You always look fab!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

My comment didn't show up on this one either. Must be something about commenting from my phone.

I love all your creations and wouldn't be able to pick a fav! Your goals are not unrealistic--you can do it!

lada_vl said...

What delightful card!