Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Card Promotion with Shutterfly

Hey all!  Thanks so much for all your comments on my elf stocking!  You all are so great!
I’m back today to tell you about a fabulous promotion happening with Shutterfly.  They are offering 50 free holiday cards to bloggers.  Click here to find out what you need to do to get in on this! 30934_christmas_cards_MARQ_1104-v128779205300083130
In the past I’ve ordered photos from Shutterfly and been very pleased.  The service was quick and inexpensive, and I was super happy to not have to buy new cartridges for my printer after all that photo printing!!  The cards I receive from friends and family every year are always so beautiful – the colors are so vibrant!  Take a look at all the styles to choose from!  You can get folded greeting cards, flat stationery cards or flat photo cards in a variety of backgrounds and fonts.  You all know that I like to make my Christmas cards every year, but I also like to send a family photo along with it.  This year I think I’ll add this one to the cards I send out.  Don’t you just love it!  Those vintage style ornaments are adorable, fun and funky!
Shutterfly has some great deals going on right now, so be sure to bop over and order yours today!  I think for next year, I’d like to do a family album for the grandparents like these.  Oh, and I would love to get some canvas wall art of pictures from our honeymoon and European vacation.  Now I just have to get my step-daughter over to here so we can get our family photo…that’s easier said than done!  lol  She’s one busy teenager!  Thanks for stopping by today!  ~lyss

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Julie E said...

Oh gees, here I am laying in bed checking out blogs instead of working on my Christmas cards. Then I see this. Soooo much easier :>) We all know that the 80 homemade cards I send out will not be fully appreciated by all. I am off to check this out. Shutterfly is fab and it would save me a ton of time! This way I could focus on making just a few cards for the ones who I know would really care :>)