Monday, February 8, 2010

PTI *Paint* by Number challenge ~

I have another confession to make...I'm a PTI junkie!  I will do anything to win free PTI product!  And what could be better than a $100 gift certificate to PTI?!?!  Nothing, that's what!  The challenge for today is to create a card based on the paint by number sketch using the color combo that is designated by the first letter of your online user name.  Mine is critterlyss - a nickname from high school that combines my first and middle names.  No, my middle name is not critter, but it's Crittenden which is always mistakenly said as Critterden; hence critter and lyss! 
I got pretty lucky with my colors being that Ocean Tides and Kraft are two of my 'go-to' colors...Spring Moss not so much!  It turns out that I kind of like the colors together though!  Huh,  who knew that Nichole is kind of like a genius that way? 
I used a PTI set that I've had for a while and never inked up, Mod Squad.  I won it in a blog candy from Dawn McVey, the set's designer.  I think I like it!  Kind of a cool font and fun images to play with for a totally different look than I'm used to.  Now onto some other business...
I promised to share some pics of the stamping cave before and after.  Well, I've been playing and not cleaning so I don't have an after!  Here are the pics though
 Because the closet under the stairs is so small I tend to spread out into the kitchen.  Sometimes the go between drives me a little nuts, so I roll the little island out next to the cave.  If anyone wants to come over, organize my scraps and clean up my little area, I'll cook you dinner, serve you the beverage of your choice and laugh lots with you!  Come on...that sounds like a good deal, right???  lol
Last little order of business, I have not heard from Melissa, my blog candy winner.  Melissa, if you're out there, please send me an email with your snail mail address.  If I don't hear from you by Thursday, 11 Feb, I will draw a new winner.  Ok all, off to clean up my mess!  Thanks for stopping by!!  :o) lyss


Alison said...

Ok. First, great card! So cute. Second, what a unique middle name... I'd love to hear that story! Third, I will gladly help you clean up your space for some chow and laughter! When should I come by??? ;} Fourth, I love that you have a fire extinguisher right next to your work "cave!"

Terri E. said...

Fun polka dots and great use of Mod Squad! Way to rock the PTI paint by numbers challenge.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Yvette said...

Super cute card! I too am a PTI junkie!!! Love them!

Nice cave too! :D

Julie E said...

Great card - I love all the stamping you did. I'm a PTI junkie too! Here's to hoping I finish my color by number challenge...I am afraid of my colors!!!

Julie E said...

Oh, and I meant to mention that I pass on the clean up offer!!! Not unless you are going to organize mine in return :>)

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Your card turned out awesome and now I'm looking at that stamp set in a new light.

I like your little cave and I would gladly come clean it for you if I could. You wouldn't even have to feed me because I would just be happy to be there. I would take a pic of my work area but would be way too embarrased because of the mess. Derrick has an anxiety attack when he walks in the room, so I told him not to come in. :)

Jen Shults said...

Oh my this card is so cute! So perfectly clean and simple. I love it!

And your stamping cave... I have to say I'm a little jealous. My dining room table is my stamp cave and I have to keep it cleaned off most of the time. I need a cabinet to store my stamp stuff so bad it's just not funny. :D

Rebecca said...

I love the fire extinguisher in your cave! That's the best part. LOL! I like how you used those colors together. I plan to go back someday and try and do a card for each of the color palettes I wasn't assigned. We'll see if I made it that far!