Thursday, July 10, 2008


Another garden post. When I moved into my house six years ago, the front flower garden consisted of a dry bed of dirt about a foot wide and five feet long to the left of the front walk and a 2 x 5 foot long bed in front of the porch that housed weeds and three random rose bushes. I used to hate roses! We moved in to our home in late November, so the following summer I proceeded to rip two of the larger bushes out. They made absolutely no sense to me! I left this gorgeous peachy orange number that is to the right of the front door and in front of the posts that hold up the roof. The other two were a lavendar climbing rose in the center that had nothing to climb up and a crimson climber, again with nothing to climb up. They were very odd and tall and stood right in front of the picture window. Anywho, now I love my peach rose bush. It is so pretty and throws off so many beautiful roses every year. They are a lot easier to maintain than I had at once thought. Blah, blah, blah! Sorry so long winded...I just wanted to share this rose pic that I call 'Unfolding' Hope you have a great day! I'll be posting another go I had at the sunset brayering technique a little later on :o) lyss

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